Named Members of the League of Gileadites

Beverly C. Dowling — b. c.1815 in Va. (1855MACen); eating saloon, Union Lunch, Spfd (Carvalho); or Beverly, Jr., b. c.1831 in NY, waiter (1850cen); barber (HistStJCh)

Henry Johnson – b. c.1825 in NY, laborer (1850cen); 1860, barber, C.W. Hall; 1861, empl. John Hamilton, crockery dealer (Carvalho) ; or Henry Johnson, b. 1805 in Md., shoemaker (1855MACen); empl. David Smith Carriage Builder, Park Street (HistStJCh)

Henry Hector – “Harry” Hector, black, laborer, $700 real estate (1850cen); laborer (HistStJCh)

John Smith – laborer, b. in Va. c.1805 (1850cen) or c.1795 (1855MACen); tinsmith (HistStJCh); father of Elsa (Smith) (Holmes) Rollins (1855MACen)

G. W. Holmes – millwright (HistStJCh)

John Strong – of Monson (Carvalho); machinist (HistStJCh)

Reverdy Johnson – druggist (HistStJCh)

C. A. Gazam

Wm. Burns – cook, b. in Md.; c.1810 (1850cen); baker, b. c.1812 (1855MACen); waiter (HistStJCh)

Samuel Chandler

Eliza Green – member Zion Methodist Church (HistStJCh)

Wm. Gordon – b. c.1802 in Ala. (1850cen); waiter (HistStJCh)

John N. Howard – black, laborer, b. c.1820, $600 real estate (1850cen); sexton of South Church, member Zion Methodist Church (HistStJCh); fled Spfd. in 1857 for Canada, but returned in 1861 (Carvalho).

Jane Fowler – female, black, b. c.1832 in Mass. (1850cen)

Joseph Addams [Adams] – barber, member of Zion Methodist Church (HistStJCh)

Charles Rollins – b. 1830 in Mass., waiter (Carvalho); husband of Elsa (Smith) (Holmes) Rollins (1855MACen)

H. J. Jones

Wm. Green – whitewasher, Green & Adams, Whitewashers, Spfd (Carvalho); b. c.1819 in Md. (1850cen); jobber, trustee of Zion Methodist Church, owned barber shop at Hancock & Union Sts., Green’s Barbershop, Spfd (HistStJCh);

Scipio Webb – black, laborer, b. c,1820, empl. at jail (1850cen)

Ann Johnson – “Anna”, of Chicopee, b. 1805 in DC (Carvalho)

Wm. H. Montague – barber, Young & Montague Barbershop, Spfd. (Carvalho); b. c.1822 in DC, $1200 real estate (1850cen); hairdresser, Cooley’s Hotel, trustee of Zion Methodist Church (HistStJCh);

Charles Odell

Cyrus Thomas – member of Zion Methodist Church (HistStJCh)

Jane Wicks [Wilks]

Lovelis Wallace – laborer (1850cen); farmer, of Agawam, (1855MACen); b. 1807 in Md. (Carvalho); empl. R.M. Cooley soap & candle factory, E. State St. (HistStJCh)

Henry Robinson – black, laborer, b. c.1815 in NY (1850cen); lumber dealer (HistStJCh)

James Madison – of Palmer, b. 1820 in NY, woodworker at Harris & Colton, teamster in 1855 census (Carvalho); woodworker Harris & Colton, foot of Howard St. (HistStJCh)

and seventeen others.


(Carvalho) = Carvalho, Joseph, III, Black Families in Hampden County, Massachusetts, 1650-1865, New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, 2011.

(HistStJCh) = History of St. John’s Church

(1850cen) = U.S. Census for 1850.

(1855MACen) = Massachusetts State Census for 1855.

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